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Affordable Countertop Choices with Porcelain Material

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Planning a kitchen on affordable budget? If you do, you should really choose affordable kitchen countertop for you. Several options you can go for in order to have a cheap kitchen countertop. In this case, you would love to have porcelain countertop to be on your list. Porcelain, beside it is cheap, also a material that will make your kitchen countertop easy to clean and maintain. In some illustrations in this article, let’s see some kitchens that are already installed with porcelain countertops.

Let’s start with this cool grey kitchen. This kitchen interior offers such amazing grey themed furniture. The grey cabinetry made of solid wood looks great with the grey exhaust hood and some grey cabinet doors. Right in the center of this kitchen, we can see the presence of a square kitchen island. As you can see, the kitchen island has an amazing white porcelain countertop.This porcelain countertop even has gran accents that make it looks like as if it is made of marble material.

You will love this unique kitchen design. This kitchen looks eccentric with some green floral cabinets. Moreover, the dark wood laminate flooring is also awesome. This kitchen has such gorgeous zigzag floor using laminate tiles. In the far end, a long kitchen island is featured in this kitchen. This modern kitchen island is also coated with porcelain countertop. The white countertop makes this kitchen island looks clean as well as modern.

Moving on to the last illustration of a kitchen, we are shown this fascinating neutral kitchen. This kitchen uses l-shaped cabinetry with grey cabinets. Another interesting part of this kitchen cabinetry is the application of white porcelain countertop. The countertop here is coated using some shiny white porcelain tiles. The designer chose porcelain tiles because they are easy to assemble and maintain.