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Screened Porch Ideas to Enjoy the Season

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Is it necessary to screen our porch? Homeowners have asked this question many times. Primarily, the screen doesn’t have much difference to the look of our house. However, screened porches seem more enjoyable to enjoy the season. Moreover, having your porches screened can also prevent unwanted bugs, leaves, and dirt to enter, so it will keep things easier in terms of cleaning. If you still want to go for a screened porch, this article will provide several examples to you. Take a peek!

When you look at the first image, you will see a display of a cozy and welcoming small screened porch. This porch is installed with some large glass screens that are also functioned as windows. Through these screens, you will enjoy the marvelous view of a Dutch garden with gorgeous plants and decorations. Inside this porch, there are also several nice items such as a rustic brown couch, a vintage iron table, and a polka dots rug. The massive wood use and classic theme also become defining elements to make this porch awesome.

What an exceptional porch it is in the next picture. The eclectic theme looks so strong inside this porch. It is indicated with different furniture styles. There is a vintage floral sofa which is combined with a black wicker chair and a rustic white coffee table. The brown travertine tiles on the floor are also matched well with the white sandstone wall design. Again, this porch is installed with square tempered glass screens.

The last one is also a depiction of a screened porch idea. This simple porch looks very elegant with the clear glass screens. The interior is also pretty simple. The designer used black wicker furniture and a black rattan coffee table. In the far end, the porch also has some nice wood ornaments.